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Acquisition & Conservation

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Acquisition Strategy

There has not been a comprehensive strategy for Enoch when it comes to water. I have worked with the council and city staff to overcome this problem. Prior to my focus on this, the city had only increased its water system by a single well in the past several years. Enoch City has a lot of good water rights but not enough wells to pull them from. There is large risk in digging a well as you do not know if the well will produce as you hope. To address this lack of information Enoch hired a company to 'x-ray' the ground to understand our underground hydrology. This information has been valuable in assessing where to put our limited resources.  

​There are many wells in and around Enoch City owned by private parties. I have made it a focus to acquire as many as the city can responsibly afford. Adding a well to a municipal system is lengthy process due to water quality issues. I have lead negotiations to acquire a new well which will give Enoch 29 million more gallons each month and I am leading negotiations on two more wells which are estimated to double the ENTIRE water system capacity. 

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Conservation Strategy

Enoch City is in a high mountain desert in the second driest state in the U.S., but you would not know it. Given the new state groundwater management plan we are collaborating with Iron County, Cedar City, the Central Iron County Water Conservancy District and large stake holders to find ways to conserve and reuse water. As mayor I have worked to ensure Enoch City not only has a voice at the table, but many voices. We have council and community members well placed in water boards around the county. I also cultivate relationships to create friends and allies where the decisions impacting Enoch City are made. With my leadership the city council has implemented ordinances to restrict the priority date of water the City will accept, requiring a date which will be good forever under the management plan for any development. This is to ensure the City has resources to provide water for growth but not at the expense of current residents.  

As mayor I have lead the City to acquire agricultural and irrigation wells not suitable for drinking but for irrigating lawns and parks. This conserves the drinking water and allows for use of water that would otherwise sit underground no good for anyone. As mayor I have worked to remove all but one public lawns and green areas, as well as the elementary school and churches from the culinary system to these agricultural wells. These actions are saving the water system millions of gallons annually at a fraction of the cost to replace the water by increase of culinary sources. 

I have developed relationships with Cedar City and Iron County administrations and Central Iron County Water Conservancy District resulting in a memorandum of understanding towards the reuse of treated sewer water. Part of the treated water belongs to Enoch City and we want to reuse it in ways to conserve water and recharge the aquifer. I have been able to persist and get cooperation from our community partners. 

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