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 Public & Private Partnerships


Due to issues with Cedar City the Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah is moving to Enoch. The foundation and Enoch City have come to terms on a long term lease allowing the construction of a large raptor rehab facility in Enoch near our animal shelter and dog park. 


Our Wreaths Across America is an intimate and lovely event to pass on lessons to children and show respect for veterans. I have been pleased to support this event each year both as the master of ceremonies and through financial donations. It adds to our community since its inception while I have been mayor. 

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Through my personal network and again because of Cedar City's difficult working relationships we are presently in discussions to bring a large soccer facility to Enoch through Utah Youth Soccer Association. They are spending $2.5m in Washington County and want to begin plans for their next facility and Enoch City is the partner they want to work with to accomplish this goal. This will bring many economic opportunities to Enoch as teams and families come to Enoch for tournaments and events. 

The ice rink formerly at the Cedar Rec Complex is working to move to Enoch City. The group estimates during the high points of the season 1500-2000 visitors would come daily to enjoy the facility. This, as with the Utah Youth Soccer Association, will bring economic opportunities to Enoch with visitors from as far as Las Vegas coming to rent valuable ice time. This partnership is in conjunction with Enoch City and a developer and will give our families even more active lifestyle choices to select from for entertainment. 

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