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Property Rights

Proper Police Enforcement

(Protect & Serve)

Enoch police logo.png

In the time I have been mayor and with support of the city council, our police department has become a place where an opening results in highly experienced applicants from all departments in Iron County.  

We presently have 6 full time officers and one part-time officer. Our department collaborates with Iron County Sheriff's and Cedar City Police. Both of those agencies are places from which we fill our now rare vacancies and would love to have the officers who serve us serve their communities.  

Property Rights

Limited Government 


(Enoch is not an HOA)

HOA Pic.jpg

Enoch City is not and HOA and as long as I am the mayor it never will be one. I have fought against proposals and ideas from many varied individuals who would feel justified in using the police power of the city to enforce aesthetic standards. I oppose this aggressively.


This may mean sometimes your neighbor may do or build something you do not like and would not do for yourself. If it is not a safety issue I will continue to advocate it is in neighbor's interests to be good neighbors but not a city matter to police.  

Property Rights

North Fire Station

(Reduced Response Time)

fire truck.jpg

We have several members of the Cedar City Fire Department who live in Enoch. At present the response time for a fire Enoch is too long. This is not the fault of the fire department. The longer response time is a condition they must come from the Main Fire Station off 800 West in Cedar City.


Under my leadership Enoch City is leading our partners including Cedar City towards a North Fire station. This may mean in order to have a shorter response time we need to pay more for this increase in service. I am working with all our community partners to pursue this for the protection of our residents.



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