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Living in Enoch

Living in Enoch gets better all the time. We are growing up from just a rural, bedroom community with real amenities. People and organizations want to move to Enoch. 


Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah

Due to issues with Cedar City the Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah is moving to Enoch. The foundation and Enoch City have come to terms on a long term lease allowing the construction of a large raptor rehab facility in Enoch near our animal shelter and dog park. 

Enoch Petsafe Dog Park

Enoch and its welcoming spirit again benefited when Cedar City refused a community group. The Friends of Festival County K9 had a simple request to partner with the City for a dog park which would be built with fundraising and donations. This request was a good partnership and I participated in some of the fundraising activities and was invited to the ribbon cutting. Enoch has the only dog park in Iron County. 

enoch dog park_3.jpg
enoch dog park.jpg
enoch dog park_1.jpg
enoch dog park_2.jpg
enoch parks trails disc golf map.jpg
old enoch park.jpg
rec complex.jpg

Parks, Trails and Disc Golf

It is true Enoch does not have enough green space. Some in our community would assert it is not for the city to provide. I believe it brings peace to sit and watch my children play in a park. For me and the majority of the current City Council the issue is not whether we should or not. I believe we should but there are two concerns who pays for it to be built and who pays to maintain. Impact fees cannot pay for ongoing maintenance and never have. If we commit to parks we must commit to pay for their maintenance. Developers might build green space and pass the costs to the new homes but the City will pay the ongoing maintenance. Even if the costs to maintain were only $50,000 per year the City sales tax local option of 1% allowed by law means $500,000.00 of new sales revenue per year for that additional cost alone. 

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